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Manual Lymphatic Drainage for plastic surgery patients is a hands-on technique where the purpose is to alleviate the pain, reduce discomfort, reduce swelling/inflammation and prevent imperfections on patients after plastic surgery like “fibrosis”. This is a non-invasive technique that avoids any open wound, incision and skin injuries with or without stitches. Manual Lymphatic Drainages massages for plastic surgery patients does not use cream or lotion other than regular massage oil.

When a massage therapist is performing this technique, she/he will be working with a patient twenty-four hours after a major surgery, and she/he will keep in mind to use all the necessary hygiene measures to avoid exposing the patient to any possible infection, even knowing that the incisions are closed with stitches, we do not touch. Manual Lymphatic Drainage massages for plastic surgery patients should be performed in a clinical setting. I do not suggest performing this technique at hotels, private homes or recovery homes because it is not a regular relaxation massage for healthy people. This technique is provided to a person after a major surgery, like a plastic surgery.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Plastic Surgery patients is a high demand procedure after Plastic Surgery, especially in Miami, Broward, Boca Raton and North Florida. Patients around the world are visiting the United States looking for Plastic Surgery like liposuction with fat transfer on the buttock area, well known as a Brazilian butt lift or BBL. Plastic Surgeon Doctors have as a part of their staff Licensed Massage Therapists to perform post-surgery drainage massages a day after the surgery.

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